Magic is entertaining, but perhaps most often enjoyed live.

But how does the art of magic involve itself into the Hollywood movie industry?

Here are are few Magic Movies to check out.

Illusionist 2006This and The Prestige (below) came out the same year and had the similar dramatic feel.  In this one Edward Norton plays an Illusionist vying for the love of a high class woman.
The Prestige 2006Two magicians compete with each other for the ultimate illusion!
The Illusionist 2010
This is a great animated film about a magician that is looking for work.  Highly recommended
Magician/Hokkabaz 2010A Turkish film about a magician, that I have yet to see.  It did win a few awards, and might be worth tracking down.
Penn & Teller Get Killed 1989An 80’s film with Penn & Teller as themselves.

For a quicker watch I recommend their TV movie “Invisible Thread

Magicians 2007A good comedy that reminds me of the two hosts of Wizard Product Reviews, Craig Petty & David Penn.  What do you think?
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone 2013
This comedy is coming out in March.Here’s the Trailer to wet your appetite: