A new day of Magic is happening in our backyard this April.

The Canadian Association of Magicians will be hosting a full day of lectures, performances and magic!  All this for FREE to CAM members!  And you still have time to join at CAMMagic.org.

Greg Frewin will host us at his theatre space and offer discount tickets for his evening show.

Jam with Oscar MuñozMichael DardantVincent Hedan and Shawn Farquhar with a full day of lectures and close up magic.  Enjoy the theatre performance of Greg Frewin, and continue to hang out and talk magic into the night.

CAM-JAM will take place Sunday April 28, at the Greg Frewin Theatre, Niagara Falls from noon until 6pm.  Theatre show starting at 7:30 and then additional time after the show.

For registration visit MagicianConvention.com.  Space is limited!