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The granddaughter of one of Ring 49’s early members came to me with this photo.  In it is her grandfather, Herb Cullen, and the rest of Ring 49 in their charter year of 1947.  She needs help identifying the others in the photo to help put context to her family tree.

If you have positive identification on any of theses members email webmaster@ring49magic.com

I will update this legend as the puzzle comes together.

ring49legend 1.
2. Edger (Ed) J. Clarke
3. John E. Shipton
4. Frank Hayes
7. Gordon Precious
8. Stan Hall
9. Herb Cullen
10. Otto Brownridge
11. Scotty Lang
13. Len Rumball

Update (June 26):  Joe Pecore has sent in this picture from IBM Linking Ring Vol 27 Issue 4 Page 37.  It help solidify a few names, and solve a couple more.  I am having trouble finding Loyal Burke and Gordon Precious in the above photo.  Any detectives good with facial features?

Ring 49 in Linking Ring