LEXINGTON, VA. October 2, 2013


For the first time at any magic convention there will be a triple magic championship competition. The combination of the I.B.M. and S.A.M. annual competitions with the 2014 FISM North America Championships of Magic will offer the greatest magic competition ever presented.  These three magic contests will offer a total of over $30,000 cash awards plus performing contracts. While you must be a North American resident to be eligible for the FISM Championships, all accepted contest participants, regardless of their home country, are eligible for the I.B.M. and S.A.M. cash awards.

The contest is limited to 30 stage and 30 close-up competitors. These competitors will be chosen from audition videos (see the website for details). A potential of fifteen residents of North America will have the opportunity to advance to the FISM 2015 World Championship of Magic in Rimini, Italy. Two of these winners will be crowned FISM 2014 North American Champions, one in stage and one in close-up.

All contestants must be registered for the convention in order to be eligible to compete. Since the convention is limited to 1400 registrations, it is highly recommended that you register for the convention as soon as possible.  All potential contestants are urged to register now, even if you are not ready to submit your video. Once you are registered, you can then submit your video when it is ready and apply to be a contestant. If you wait too long to register, the convention may be sold out and you will not be able apply to be a contestant.

Registration for the combined convention is $395.00.  Don’t wait too long; this rate goes up to $495.00 on January 1, 2014! Registration information and forms, contest information and application form, preliminary schedule overview and other information can be found on the convention website

For more information contact:

Becki Wells