Members & Friends of IBM Ring #49:
    If you have visited our website you will note that to kick off the new year, we will be having a “show tell & sell” (Magic Auction) night at Binkley United Church this coming Tuesday, January 13th.
    Bring in items that you wish to show, tell & sell (or donate) with 10% of sales going into the club treasury.  Dig deep into that Man Cave or Magic Room (The Room) for items that you have never used, or will never use.  We will even recycle items from prior auctions.
    Viewing of items will commence at 7pm with the auction taking place at 7:30 sharp.  There will also be some donated items raffled off in a LOONEY/TOONEY DRAW……BRING YOUR LOONIES & TOONIES. (1 TICKET FOR $1 OR 3 TICKETS FOR $2).
    To help out our treasurer, please bring in your loose change ($1 & $2). Bidding on items will be in even dollar amounts.  Cash only. No Credit/Debit Cards Accepted.
Hope to see you all out Next Tuesday night.

Doug McCoy, President
IBM Ring #49, The Doug Henning, Magic Wand Club of Hamilton