To All Friends in Magic,

It has been a rough winter so far. Ask your doctor if more fun is right for you. MAWNY – that’s the treatment! The Magicians Alliance of Western New York will hold the world’s best one-day magic convention on Sunday, April 26th at the Batavia Clarion.

Wallow in the wonderfulness of our lineup. Soak in the international and regional talent, the envy of any Vegas booker. Let your forgotten props of yore be your friend’s new inspiration at MAWNY’s famous auction. In defiance of economic law (it’s magic), buyers get tremendous bargains and sellers get top dollar! Each year, both gourmet and glutton await the legendary MAWNY buffet. Yummy!! Bemoan the loss of the real-live magic store? We bring a dozen or so to you – be sure to visit our many merchants at the Bazaar of Bafflement. Some of these dealers seldom visit these shores – many of the latest effects from Europe and Asia will be available.

Registration via the handy mail-in form or online at via PayPal. We will see you in Batavia!

Keith & Mike

MAWNY, It’s the most fun you can have in a day.