March Greetings Members & Friends of IBM Ring #49:

Our meeting next Tuesday, March 10th, will be a “Performer’s Favourite” or “Member Participation”night, wherein all in attendance will be asked to perform their favourite routine/effects for the club.  Like an open-mike night, we would like everyone to perform at least one effect or routine (or more),and limit the presentation to a maximum of 15 minutes. No need for the explanation of the tricks unless the performer wants to do a mini teaching session?  We would also welcome members that would like some guidance or tips in performing some of those unused magical effects or tricks purchased at previous auctions.(without any instructions?)

ADVANCED NOTICE FOR OUR APRIL MEETING: On MONDAY APRIL 27th, our club will be hosting the ONLY Canadian lecture by FISM & IBM World Champion, Henry Evans, from Argentina. Visit his website or view his many you tube performances.

NOTE: This Lecture on Monday April 27th will replace our normal April meeting that would have been onTues. April 14th.   No charge for Ring 49 members, $10 for guests or visitors.

Upcoming events: the Hare Ball in Buffalo (March 21st), Browser’s Den Magic BASH in Toronto (April 12th), & MAWNY 1 day convention in Batavia NY (April 26th).