I wanted to send some information their way about the Allan Slaight Awards for magic. Allan is the author of Stewart James in Print and The James File, however he and his family’s philanthropic foundation are major supporters of the arts. They created the Allan Slaight Awards celebrating outstanding achievement in pursuit of the impossible – $50,000 a year awarded over five categories. The awards are decided by a panel of independent judges based on an open nominations process conducted online.
The five categories are:
  • Public performing (called “Sharing Wonder”)
  • Publishing material for magicians (called “Sharing Secrets”)
  • Canadian Rising Star
  • International Rising Star
  • Lifetime Achievement
The first recipients last year were Penn & Teller, Mike Caveney, Mahdi Gilbert, Henry Vargas and Johnny Thompson.
Perhaps the club had a lecturer they wanted to single out for “Sharing Secrets” or a member who would be a good candidate for “Canadian Rising Star”. Or they can nominate in any other category. Members can also make their own nominations individually; the process is completely open.
The nominations process is open to anyone at http://www.magicana.com/slaight/nominate (general info about the awards at magicana.com/slaight).
Best wishes,