Live Magic Expo coming to Buffalo on Saturday Aug 20th.

“It’s a one day event in which magicians get the opportunity to see and buy new and original magic direct from the creators and producers. The Buffalo event will feature Mark Mason of JB Magic, Chris Smith of the Magic Smith, Brent Braun and Nick Locapo from Penguin Magic, Christian Schenk of the Card Shark, and myself (Paul Richards). It’s a full day of magic and if people register now they save $10 off the admission AND get a $10 voucher for use in the room.”

Saturday, August 20th, 2016
10 AM through 4 PM

Protip Session Schedule
11:00 Mark Mason
12:00 Penguin Magic
1:00 Chris Smith
2:00 Paul Richards
3:00 Penguin Magic

Millennium Hotel – Buffalo
2040 Walden Ave
Buffalo, NY 14225