Members & Friends of IBM Ring 49, The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club: Just a friendly reminder that next Tuesday is our March meeting.  As discussed last month we would like members to bring in 1 or more items that they purchased at our last auction to demonstrate/perform (or even learn how the darn thing works) If you did not make a purchase at last month’s auction (you missed some great deals!) bring in 1 or 2 magic effects to perform for our members or have one of our members explain how the effect works if you are not sure.
Please refer to our website  for a calendar of upcoming events such as the Buffalo auction March 18th, The Buffalo Ring 12 Hare Ball on March 25th, The Browsers Bash in Toronto April 1st, & the Best 1 day Magic Convention MAWNY April 30th in Batavia New York.
Thanks to our Web Master Jeph Stahl for keeping our site up to date & members informed.
For those not yet aware, FISM World Champion & Magician’s Magician DARYL, died suddenly on Friday February 24th, at The Magic Castle in Hollywood California.  Daryl Easton (61 yrs. of age) leaves behind his wife Alison & 2 young daughters. The Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle) are presently raising funds for the family to defer funeral & other expenses.  A memorial service is to be arranged.
As a tribute to Daryl, we will have a small memorial presentation of some of his effects at our March 14th meeting.  If you have any DARYL tricks that you would like to perform, please bring them along.
See you all at Binkley Church, NEXT Tuesday, March 14th @ 7PM sharp.
Magically Yours,
Doug McCoy, Past President,
The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club
IBM Ring #49 Hamilton