Our meeting on October 10th will be a lecture by our own Paul Pacific, the Barefoot Profit.  Details on Paul’s history is below in his Biography.  Guests can pay the new price of $10 to attend the meeting.

A reminder that Browsers’ Den is having an auction on November 12.


Paul is not the seventh son of a seventh son, nor was he dropped on his head or struck by lightning. When asked how he developed these special abilities, Paul‘s belief is that everyone has some degree of telepathic potential. Not everyone, however, has developed them to such a degree of sensitivity. “A child of twelve could do what I do, with about twenty years of practice”, says Paul.
Paul was born in Oakville Ontario, just outside of Toronto, on September 12 1970, which would make him a Virgo (for what it‘s worth.) Paul does not believe in Astrology. He thinks of it as if it were like perfume. He can smell it but he wouldn‘t want to drink it! Paul does not foster any new age beliefs and is quick to educate his audience that everything that HE demonstrates is based on psychology. Paul does not talk to the dead or slip into a trance, for example.
While Paul was in public school he was first introduced to a man that would eventually shape his destiny. That man was the Amazing Kreskin whose T.V. show at the time was the number one rated program on television (second only to Hockey Night in Canada.) At that time Paul was very interested in magic but what Kreskin performed was different…STRONGER in some ways! He realized then that REAL magic exists in the potential of the human mind. From that point on a seed was planted in Paul‘s mind to pursue a career demonstrating and highlighting the telepathic experience.
In future education Paul focused his studies on psychology, taking every available class from personality psychology to deviance. He specifically targeted anything to do with body language or non-verbal communication, even if it meant researching on his own. He minored his studies in performing theater, therefore using his entire education as a gestalt to enhance a career in performing telepathic experiments to live audiences around the world.
After his formal education, Paul began lecturing to corporations on mnemonics and memory techniques, thus helping employees to improve efficiency in all aspects of their daily functions using more effective methods of mind management. It was during this time while demonstrating memory techniques that Paul would throw in the occasional mental experiment. He soon realized that the audiences‘reaction to the tests of telepathy were more than even HE could have predicted!
Paul has since performed in over five countries. To list just two of his accomplishments, he was once asked to find the general manager of Paramount Canada‘s Wonderland who was hiding somewhere in the park. He managed to find her less than 2 hours and 45 minutes even though she was wearing a DISGUISE!! On another occasion, he drove a car while blindfolded through the streets of Niagara Falls, using only the guidance of the thoughts of the brave committee in the car with him.
Paul is currently engaged in performances for universities/colleges, corporations and resort hotels and is waiting to share his unique talent with you. When asked what‘s yet to come in his unique career, Paul jokingly quips “What do you think I am?! A mind-reader??!”