Good Day Fellow Magicians and Members:

We are holding our annual Auction Night on March 12, 2019.

Attached is the sheet that requires completing if you are bringing magic to sell.  Please have 2 copies – 1 for yourself and 1 for the treasurer.

10% of proceeds are donated back to the Club.

There is no charge to attend the event, so feel free to bring lots of magicians to buy/sell  items.

It is recommended to organize the magic you are selling in lots.  Basically combining smaller magic into a lot so it is easier to sell and have the evening move along smoother.

Bring cash to buy the magic.

Please come early to organize your stuff and view the magic so we can get the evening rolling as early as possible.

Arrive at 6:30pm to start at 7 pm.

We usually make sure everyone has a chance to sell their magic.

If there are a lot of smaller items or books and videos that are easier to sell on a table we can have a table at the back for these. (Doug Hunt and Scott Hood and confirm this)

Please attend as it will be a great evening and the more people the more entertaining and rewarding it is.

Thank you

Auction Sale Form