Dear Ring Members

As you are all probably aware, due to the pandemic that has swept across the world, we have cancelled our April and May Ring 49 meetings held at the church.

Not sure at present about June meeting. Unfortunately this has hit everyone hard and has creating a lot of financial stress on everyone. I am hoping everyone is healthy and safe. Fortunately with the technology we have today, there are many means of being in touch and having virtual meetings and lectures. There is a virtual club meeting on May 4 by the Buffalo club. They will feature the lecturer Patrick Redford. There is a lecture cost for the club. We will provide further details on how to login as there will be a code to login. The free software required will be through Zoom.

Fortunately, accountants are considered an essential business and therefore I am able to continue working for now. I know it must be difficult for many of you professional magicians who have been forced out of work.

We will provide further information on the May 4 virtual lecture.

Take care everyone and stay healthy and safe

thank you

Victor Staniewski