June’s meeting will be on Tuesday June 8 starting at 7:00pm via Zoom. Details to be emailed to members.

Scott Dietrich Bio –
Born into a family magic troupe, and son of Kitchener’s own Gerard Dietrich, magic was always in the cards for Scott Dietrich. He was first recognized internationally at the age of 18 when he won 1st place honours in the Abbott’s Senior Magic Stage Competition in Colon, MI. At 22 Scott was named Showman of the Year at the Millennium Magic Convention in Limerick, Ireland. And for the past 8 consecutive years Scott has been voted Toronto’s “Best Children’s Entertainer” by the readers of City Parent Magazine. You may recognize Scott from his nightly appearances on YTV, when he would magically introduce your children’s favorite shows during Big Fun Weeknights. Through his children’s book “I Can and I Did!”, and his bullying prevention program “School Heroes Unite”, Scott is an advocate for literacy and children’s empowerment.

Lecture Description –

Kaizen is the philosophy of constant and never ending improvement. It led the Japanese automotive revolution, and I believe needs to be applied by every magician to all aspects of their business.

For several years leading up to 2010 I failed to apply this philosophy, became complacent, and watched my once consistent and lucrative magic business all but disappear. However, in moments of adversity we can either pout or ponder. I decided to ponder.

By taking ownership of my situation, asking better questions, and taking massive action, I was able to completely alter the trajectory of my career, reach milestones I had never imagined possible, and even marry Miss World Canada.

Well exactly 10 years later (2020), by no fault of our own, magicians and performers around the world suffered the same fate, and watched their once busy calendars evaporate under a virus induced lockdown.

Although there is a lot that is out of our control in a crazy time like this in history, there is a lot is in our control. Ask a better question, get a better answer. Find a need, and meet it. Within two weeks I was back in business, virtually.

We are magicians, conjurers, prestidigitators, impossible should not be in our vocabulary, and I would like to not only offer words of inspiration and encouragement, but tools and strategies to apply for continued success in our beloved art form.