Good Evening Ring49 Members and fellow magicians:

For the next few months, we will be having our informal Ring 49 meetings at: Symposium Cafe, 1146 Wilson St W, Ancaster Ontario.

They will be held as usual on the second Tuesday of the month. I would suggest that people can come by as early as 630 pm. You can choose to eat dinner or just order a beverage. It would be obviously customary to order something since we are using the facilities for our meeting. The place did not appear to be noisy, and there was plenty of room on a Tuesday for our members. The theme would be restaurant magic, what makes good magic to perform in a restaurant setting. Please bring some magic to perform and/or to discuss to make it an enjoyable evening.

Please remember that you will need to follow restaurant protocols for Covid-19.

If you have not paid your membership fees and will be attending next week, please bring $20 cash and I will collect on Tuesday.
There has always been plenty of room at the restaurant so we are hoping for an enjoyable evening.

Thank you,

Victor Staniewski
Ring 49 Treasurer