Here is a list of books we have available for members to borrow.  Please send a request to Calvin and he will bring it to the next meeting

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Aside: We referencing the books with, so some will not have full descriptions.  But others, you will find the text fully searchable online.

The Tarbell Course in Magic
Volume 2 (lessons 20 to 33)
No description available
The Tarbell course in magic
Bruce Elliott 1971
No description available
The Berg Book
Joe Berg 1983
No description available
Library & Archival Security
No description available
100 Magic Tricks
Ian Adair 1991
A range of tricks using easily available materials. Includes tips on creating and presenting a magic show.
Willard the Wizard
Bev Bergeron 1978
No description available
Ultimate Card Trick Book
Eve Devereux 1995
Teaching the reader how to master and perform dozens of card tricks, an instructive, all color book is illustrated with step-by-step photographs and drawings.
Mark Wilson's Greatest Instant Magic Tricks
More Than Fifty Amazing Illusions You Can Perform Anywhere
Mark Wilson 1995
Step-by-step instructions on doing magic tricks.
Mark Wilson's Greatest Close-up Magic Tricks
More Than Forty Anazing Illusions for Close Examination
Mark Wilson 1995
Step by step instructions.
The Magic Book
The Complete Beginner's Guide to Anytime, Anywhere, Sleight-of-hand Magic
Harry Lorayne 1977-01-01
No description available
Robert Levy's Magic Book
Robert Levy 1976-01-01
This young magician gives a brief history of magic and instructions for over fifty of his successful tricks.
All the Secrets of Magic Revealed
The Tricks and Illusions of the World's Greatest Magicians
Herbert L. Becker 1996
Describes how a variety of magic tricks are performed by leading magicians, including Doug Henning, the Amazing Kreskin, Harry Houdini, Siegfried & Roy, and Mark Wilson.
Gene Gordon's Magical Legacy
Gene Gordon 1980
No description available
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Gambling
Alan Wykes 1964
World-wide survey of the art of gambling, in all its forms. The psychology of the dedicated gambler is examined. Over 400 illustrations.
Modern Coin Magic
J. B. Bobo 2006-06-14
About the Book The Magician who can pull money out of thin air is a guaranteed hit with any audience. Magic with coins is amongst the most fascinating and audience-appealing of impromptu tricks, or close-up magic. Money has a natural fasc
Card Manipulations
Jean Hugard 1973-01-01
Over 100 tricks that can be done with any pack of cards. This rich collection has taught thousands of magicians how to perform dozens of eye-catching, yet really workable tricks. Over 200 illustrations.
Magician Nitely
The Magic of Eddie Fechter. 1st Ed
Jerry Mentzer 1974
No description available
The Amateur Magician's Handbook
Henry Hay 1994
Demonstrates sleight of hand and other magic tricks, and includes tips on performing before children and television cameras.
1,911 Best Things Anybody Ever Said
Many Amusingly Illuminated by Antique Etchings and Line Cuts
Robert Byrne 1988
A collection of 1,911 quotes from scholars, comedians, political candidates, writers, reporters, philosophers, and other people from throughout history.
Bill Severn's Magic Workshop
Bill Severn 1976
Step-by-step instructions for making and using a variety of props and devices in more than sixty magic tricks.
Bill Severn's Impromptu Magic
Bill Severn 1982
No description available
Natural Selections
David Acer 1999
No description available
Close-up Magic for Beginners
Two Volumes in One, Including the Author's Earlier Volume "Magic for Beginners"
Harry Baron 1978
No description available
Counts, Cuts, Moves and Subtlety
A Book of Basic Card Techniques
Jerry Mentzer 1977
No description available
Wit and Wizardry : the Magic of Norm Houghton
Norm Houghton 1998
No description available
David Ben 2003
Cards. Wonder. Roses. Cell Phones. Sleight of Hand. Hot Coffee. Matchbooks. Miracles. Finger Rings. Wands. Credit Cards. Bottlecaps. Astonishment. Coins. Cigarette Papers. Bafflement. Laptop Computers. Postage Stamps. Sugar Packets. Secrets ...
Magic; Stage Illusions and Scientific Diversions
Including Trick Photography
Albert Allis Hopkins 1977
No description available
Professional Magic for Children
David Ginn 1976
No description available
Complete Guide to Card Tricks and Techniques
Jean Hugard 1977
No description available
The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic, Explained Step by Step by America's Foremost Authority on Close Up Magic
Frank Garcia 1976
No description available
The Tarbell Course in Magic: Lessons 84 to 91
Ralph Wesley Read 1926
No description available
The Tarbell Course in Magic
Written and Illustrated by Harlan Tarbell, Edited by Ralph W. Read. Rev. Ed
Harlan Tarbell 1954
No description available
The Tarbell Course in Magic
No description available
The Tarbell Course in Magic
No description available
The Tarbell Course in Magic
Harlan Tarbell 1996
No description available